Where Santini and Dientzenhofer applied their hands to the work

The Benedictine Monastery was founded in the 12th century by Prince Vladislav I. In 1393 Jan Nepomucký was prosecuted and tortured to death for confirming the new Kladruby abbot and an extensive exhibition is devoted to him today in the monastery. A dominant feature of the grounds is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, rebuilt by Jan Blažej Santini Aichel in the Czech Baroque Gothic style. The church’s dome is 46 metres high and is topped by a golden Marian crown. The other important building in the monastery’s grounds is the new convent built according to a project by Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer. The monastery was dissolved by Joseph II in 1785 and up until the end of World War II it was used by the princely Windischgrätz family.

There is a choice of two guided tours which will present the ecclesiastical history of the grounds and its later use as a chateau. The monastic church is also a popular setting for concerts, usually of classical music and is the venue of the Kladruby Summer Music Festival, established in 1977. During the summer season many extraordinary and lively tours are held here, some in cooperation with Plasy Monastery. Church or civil weddings can be organised in the church and winter refectory.

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